Code Club Exercises

This page was created for the Great Ryrie Code Club (grps codeclub) in 2016, 2017 and 2018 but anyone can use it. It has all the links you need to do CodeClub exercises in Scratch, HTML and python.

MoonHack hosts a new programming activity every July on their projects page.

For this year's moonhack project, click both these links to create two new tabs. Drag the new tabs out of your browser so you can see them side by side:


First, here is Scratch itself.

If you have never used Scratch, please use the getting started instructions.

The links below open new browser tabs for each exercise.

Each '(sprites)' link provides special sprites you need for that project. Save the .sb2 file to your computer and then upload it into Scratch using 'File -> Upload from your computer'. If you have already done a project and want to use these sprites then you'll need to use the 'backpack' at the bottom of Scratch to help transfer them into your project.

And there are additional Scratch exercises on this page


The HTML and CSS exercises by CodeClub are listed below. They dont use Scratch at all, they use Trinket

Remember to log into the website first, before you start the exercises listed below, so that you can save your work at the end.


Python exercises use the website, same as the HTML exercises. If you have an account, then you can login. But if not, dont worry.

The Code Club Python pages are here:

More Code Club

All exercises actually live at on the projects page.

Remember there is also an Australian Code Club at

The Great Ryrie code club class includes students: ryrie1 ryrie2 ryrie3 ryrie4 ryrie5 ryrie6 ryrie7 ryrie8 ryrie9 ryrie10 ryrie11 ryrie12 ryrie13 ryrie14 ryrie15 ryrie16 ryrie17 ryrie18 ryrie19 ryrie20 ryrie21 ryrie22 ryrie23 ryrie24 ryrie25 ryrie26 ryrie27 ryrie28 ryrie29 ryrie30 ryrie31 ryrie32 ryrie33 ryrie34 ryrie35 ryrie36 ryrie37 ryrie38 ryrie39 ryrie40 ryrie41 ryrie42 ryrie43 ryrie44 ryrie45 ryrie46 ryrie47 ryrie48 ryrie49 and ryrie99